ZR Entry 25 T is an entry-level Hand-Crafted tweeter with the sound-stage of a High-End speaker. It was specially designed to be very simple to use.

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It is ideal for people who don't have a lot of knowledge about the electro-acoustic field, because it has a great sound regardless of the configuration of the system.

The speaker is made entirely by hand, which gives it a special feeling that mass-produced speakers just don't have. Besides its great design and feeling in hand, the speaker has an excellent sound. It has a typical, rich ZR-sound with a lot of details.

Its resonance-free housing is made from the combination of aluminum and stabilit. This gives the tweeter transparent sound-stage with minimum distortions. The cone is made from silk and was specially developed by ZR Speaker Lab just for this tweeter. This gives the speaker very accurate transmission of the transients and the sound-stage that is natural and so unique for the silk cones.

It is a perfect match in combination with ZR Entry 17MW. Both speakers work together in harmony, and give the impression that only one speaker is playing. The quality of the sound that ZR Entry 25 T produces simply cannot be matched by any other speaker in this price-range.

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